6-May-2018Chandler, AZ(15 miles)Free Stuff
Needs cleaning (hard water stains). Have pump and lamp, but unsure if they work.
Excellent condition beautiful 55 gallon aquarium on matching black wood stand. Comes with everything including pump, decorations, gravel,all water treatment bottles and food, 2 dinosaur bichirs (1 albino), a pleco, albino cory catfish, dojo loach, albino rainbow shark, large black tip reef shark, spotted pictus catfish, otocinclus cleaner fish. Will give gravel vacuum and cleaning brushes. Deli...
Moving and down sizing, so some stuff has to go. Not much to describe beyond the picture. Wood veneer. I had model cars displayed in the aquarium on top of it, so I mounted it on casters to make it easier to move with the display in place. The aquarium never had water in it, so no water spots, and the aquarium has already been sold separately but I didn't take a new picture. If not outta here b...
30-May-2018Gilbert, AZ(17 miles)Stuff For Sale
Pool Blaster Eclipse by Water Tell cordless pool, hot tub and spa vaccuum. Comes with rechargable battery, charger, head, filter, extension pole, and adapter for extension pole, really simple to use, safe for tile, plaster, acrylic, pebbletech. Cleans sand, pebbles, leaves, etc. Also great for large aquariums. Simplify your pool maintenance, and help keep clean during the upcoming monsoons. New...
28-May-2018Chandler, AZ(15 miles)Stuff For Sale
Filters 55+ gallon aquariums.. They sell online for 200-300
28-Jun-2014Chandler, AZ(15 miles)Stuff For Sale
Im looking to rehome our 1 year old ball python snake. We bought it for our son as a baby in July last year. He loves being held and has never bitten anyone. He is now about 2 feet 7" long. He should get to 4 foot. He sheds normal and is in great health. He eats adult size mice. He eats once a week. He comes with his heat pad,large water bowl,and skull carved wood home and couple other things....

Fish tank

50 gallon fish tank aquarium This fish tank is pretty great shape, has some calcium build up on the rim but I m sure a razor blade would take it right off. It has caribsea eco complete substrate. Comes with a glass top. And all decor inside. Included for asking price:: Stand, tank, decor/substrate, air bubbler and UV sterilizer Aquarium/Stand/decor/uv sterilizer $170 For an additional $150: Flu...
Artistic Aquariums is Opening Friday April th A brand new shop that will sell Saltwater Fish Coral Supplies amp some freshwater supplies. We have been in business for over years servicing aquariums throughout the valley. We will have many specials next week so stay tuned We have been using Real Catalina Ocean water in all of our service accounts for over years and now it will be available for s...
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